We love hosting events for our friends and spiritual family at the Healing House. Please read these agreements so everything runs smoothly for everyone.

1.      General. The Healing House hosts retreats, workshops, and healing sessions in the events room, practitioners in the therapy room and movie production across the property. There could be other bookings at the same time as yours; we will work to make sure that all events coexist harmoniously though we can’t promise complete silence and you might have to share common areas.

2.      Catering. Please let Nataliya know at the time of booking or soon after if you would like us to provide you with food. Catering may be paid once final numbers are confirmed or on the day of your event. Please confirm final numbers no later than 48 hours before your event.

3.      Cancellation. Let us know at least 30 days before your event and we’ll give you a full room rental refund. After 30 days notice there’s no refund on room rental. You can cancel your catering booking anytime up to two days before your event.

4.      Set up and pack up. We are expecting you to take half an hour to set up, half an hour to pack up, and it is free of charge. If you need more time please check with Nataliya if there is availability.

We are very grateful for you working here and are happy to share our house with family and friends. We appreciate you keeping it positively energised and beautiful with love and care.